The buyer’s agent service was introduced to benefit all those who need professional guidance, advice and representation in purchasing a quality business that suites their needs.  As a licensed business broker we can only work for 1 party at a time, either the vendor (Seller) or the purchaser (Buyer) NEVER BOTH.  When working for the seller our job is to obtain the seller the highest price for the sale of their business but when working for the purchaser our job is to find the perfect business for them and negotiate the lowest price and best terms in the sale.

How we can help

  • You have found a business that is for sale and you wish to negotiate without your identity being revealed.  We can act confidentially on your behalf
  • You know of a business you would like to obtain and would like us to find if the owner would be willing to sell and represent you in that sale obtaining you the best outcome.
  • You know which industry you would like to purchase in and would like an agent to find a suitable business within that industry and negotiate the best price and outcome.
  • You know exactly what type of business you are looking for and would like assistance in finding it and negotiating the best price.
  • You want a business and don’t know which industry and where to start.

How much does the buyer’s agent cost?

In most circumstances “Universal Business Brokers” represents the vendor (Seller) and charges a percentage commission against the sale of the business gaining the vendor the highest price.  The buyer’s agency charges its percentage commission to the purchaser but our job is find the perfect business for you and negotiate with the vendors agent or vendor the absolute lowest price and best terms of sale (Often the monetary saving we achieve you will pay our fees many times over).  Our job is to achieve the best outcome for you.  We can give you some indication once we have a clear understanding of the task required of us

If you would like to know more, please don’t hesitate to contact us.



Clifford Forster – Licensed Business Broker


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